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Ferret Run

A Unique Number Puzzle
For the iPhone and iPod touch

Fire up your left brain and ferret your
way out of a maze of numbered squares
as fast as you can.

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Great Gameplay

  • Fast Paced Rounds
  • Five Grid Sizes from Easy to Uh-oh
  • Unlimited Number of Puzzles
  • Interactive Instructions
  • Hints
  • Timed games
  • Tracks Every Game
  • Play Against Your Best,
    Average, and Worst Times

Seven Great Themes

  • Galaxy
  • Girly Girl
  • Haunted
  • Jejune
  • Pirate
  • Retro Kitchen
  • Sadie Hawkins
  • Sounds for Each Theme


  • Galaxy

    galaxy theme
  • Girly Girl

    girly girl theme
  • Haunted

    haunted theme
  • Jejune

    jejune theme
  • Pirate

    pirate theme
  • Retro Kitchen

    retro kitchen theme
  • Sadie Hawkins

    sadie hawkins screen
  • Scores

    scores graph



  • any iPhone
  • any iPod touch
  • iPad

iPhone OS

  • 3.0 or later