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  • Q: Why is the corn chasing the pig?

    A: The corn won't say (but it's the top faq, by far).

  • Q: Why can't I get past level six or so?

    A: You probably need to use a few bombs. More bots equals riskier jumps.

  • Q: When I jump, will I ever land on a crash pile?

    A: No.

  • Q: Why can't I hear sound effects?

    A: There aren't any. But you can listen to the iPod or talk on the phone while playing.

  • Q: I bombed all my bots but 1. Now I'm out of bombs. How to I get the last bot?

    A: You can't. You have to start a new game. It's just one of those things to avoid.

  • Q: Why is Yin and Yang missing the arrows and no-moves thingy.

    A: To make it challenging. Try it with safe moves off and learn to swear.

  • Q: If I play a lot before bed, I see bots while falling asleep. Is that normal?

    A: Yup.

Settings Hints

  • Except for player size, you can change options without ending your game.

  • Really high levels with zillions of bots may play better with animation turned off.

Moving Hints

  • To tap yourself, just be within ¼-inch or so.

  • Turn off Move Toward Taps. Play a couple games. You might like it better.

Strategy Hints

  • Bombs are an essential part of a high score.

  • Sometimes it's better to bomb than move.

  • Two piles next to you is way better than one.

  • Died on level 1? Thrice in a row? Us, too.

Scoring Hints

  • Lazy bonuses are rare on lower levels.

  • Tidy and Lazy bonuses can add thousands to a good game score.

  • Deleting the game from your iPhone or iPod touch deletes your high scores.

Special Thanks

  • Peter Pakulski
  • Slava
  • Kimberly Sickel
  • Leslie Budreau Mische
  • Ric Vanderwood
  • Cheyenne Scheller