Ozate was founded in 2003 as a software outlet for our Mac consulting and training company.

Our work has been developing custom Cocoa, WebObjects, and Java applications for clients in the business world.

We finally decided to go full time with the Mac and iOS communities.

We'd love to hear from you.


general info: info@ozate.com

order issues: orders@ozate.com

Feedback and Support

RetroBots: retrobots@ozate.com

Ferret Run: ferretrun@ozate.com

MacHowdy: machowdy@ozate.com

Daisy: daisy@ozate.com


22941 Triton Way, Suite 244
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


main number: 1-949-347-9222

We don't provide technical support by phone.
Please use the email links to the left.




Our policies are on the legal page.

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Does 'Ozate' mean anything?

It does, but it's a secret.

Are we nice people?

We are... except for Joe.

He eats all your fries. Talks philosophy with 5 year olds. Getting Joe to approve something is like poking yourself in the eye with an onion. We think he's a lab accident. He's the president.


Kimberly Sickel
For her brain

Bill Joy
For vi.

The Macintosh Developer Network
So good, we joined twice

Cafe Chocolat
For opening after hours for us

Paul de Casteljau
For his algorithm

Steve Awesome
For his dreaded and enigmatic powers


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