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  • Is every game winnable?


  • Why do hints get disabled?

    Hints are only available at the start (or reset) of a game. A soon as you make your own move, they are disabled.

  • How do I make a new game of the same size quickly?

    Double-tap the new game button (the little grid).

  • Why can't I hear sound effects?

    Verify that...
    - The Sound button in Options is on.
    - Your ringer switch isn't on silent.
    - Your ears are attached to your head.

  • What do the little timer bars mean?

    The green bar counts down your best time ever. Beating that is amazing, but if it runs out, you can still...

    Beat your average time by beating the yellow bar. If that runs out...

    Beat your worst time ever by beating the red bar.

    If that runs out and all bars turn red, you have acheived the elusive Worst Time Finish. This too is amazing.

  • How do I delete that really lucky short game I can never possibly beat.

    In the Scores screen, use the Trim button. I will delete your worst and best time.


  • Look for small patterns. For example:
    1 2 2 1, played as 2, 1, 2, 1 seems to be a frequent part of winning paths (but not always).

  • If you have leftover squares that could lead to your current starting square, play again, starting with them.

  • The path is always drawn clockwise. So if, say, it bends down, you were moving right to left.

  • Don't be afraid to zap your scores occassionaly. That makes the running average more interesting.