old fashioned robot


The Classic Robot Game With Style
For the iPhone and iPod touch

RetroBots stalk you, one move at a time.
Crash them. Bomb them.
Jump to safety… or doom.

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For the iPhone & iPod touch

  • Move by tapping or swiping
  • Fully animated
  • Play while listening to music
  • Play while on the phone
  • Resume your game anytime

Six Fun Themes

  • Alphabot
  • Earth and Asteroids
  • Pearls
  • Pig and Corn
  • RetroBots
  • Yin and Yang

Great Gameplay

  • Unlimited Levels
  • Three player sizes
  • Safe Moves mode
  • Multiple Undo
  • Autosave

Bonus Scoring

  • Tidy Bonus
  • Lazy Bonus


  • Earth and Asteroids

    earth and asteroids theme
  • Yin and Yang

    yin and yang theme
  • Pearls

    pearls theme
  • Pig and Corn

    pig and corn theme
  • RetroBots

    retrobots theme
  • Alphabot

    alphabot theme
  • Options

    options screen
  • A Busy Game

    a busy game



  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod touch (2G)

iPhone OS

  • 2.0 or later